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Erika Jo

Your Photographer

Hey Beautiful Souls! My name is Erika Jo , and I am the owner of Hypsy Jo Photography. Why did I choose that name? Well, I wanted something unique and that set me apart from just using my own name. Its a combination of a Hippie, and a Gypsy. I've always had a free spirit , and I wanted my name to represent that! In my sessions, you can definitely feel all the good vibes. We always have fun, and make more memories while shooting!

Oklahoma raised , but the world has my heart! I absolutely love to travel. I have a passion for new cultures, foods, and people. That's where my passion of photography started. From catching people in beautiful moments, bright luminous landscapes, and the structural beauty in buildings, my heart fell in love! To be able to hold onto a memory forever is priceless.

When I am not taking photos/working , you'll find me either cuddled up at the house with my fur babies, watching movies, or thrift shopping! If I had to pick a favorite food it would have to be pasta. Any kind of pasta, I'm all in! And don't get me started about desert! It would be ice cream all day, every day! My guilty pleasure. I enjoy the sunshine and hiking, seeing my family and friends, and living the simple life!
But, enough about me, what about you!!
Tell me your story , and those memories you want forever.

Let me Capture your free spirit!